Lover - Taylor Swift

The Experience: Can I go where you go? Love is only love if it's forever and everwhere.
The Vibe: Deep happiness.
The Topic: Love.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: You're my lover (We have happiness now) vs. Can we always be this close (Hope/fear: I want it to last forever).

contaminated - BANKS

The Experience: I don't wanna come to your party but I want the invitation... I'm torn between the darkness I can't tear myself away from and the light I desperately need.
The Vibe: Melancholy.
The Topic: Toxic relationships.
The Value: Loves.
The Tension: I wish I could change it (I care about you and us) vs. We're always gonna be contaminated (There is no way this relationship can heal from its toxic beginnings).

Pillowcase - Gabbie Hanna

The Experience: I don't wanna come to your party but I want the invitation... I'm torn between the darkness I can't tear myself away from and the light I desperately need.
The Vibe: A frantic heart-racing sense of danger.
The Topic: Depression.
The Value: Happiness.
The Tension: Really like the feel of being lonely (I keep to my personal prison) vs. But I'm desperate for attention (even though I'm crying out for help).

I Warned Myself - Charlie Puth

The Experience: I shoulda known....  Beaten down, betrayed, weak, and stupid... feeling like a failure.
The Vibe: A regret the oppressive heavy beat won't let you run away from.
The Topic: Temptation.
The Value: Fidelity.
The Tension: I warned myself that I shouldn't play with fire (I didn't - don't - want to take what I shouldn't) vs. But I can tell myself that I'll do it one more time (but I know just how weak I am).

Trampoline - SHAED

The Experience: Wait if I'm on fire how am I so deep in love? I just found love why does the dream have to end now?
The Vibe: Melancholy.
The Topic: Loss.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: When I dream of dying (losing everything) vs. I never feel so loved (right at the moment when I suddenly have something to lose).

All To Myself - Dan + Shay

The Experience: I want you all to myself... Feeling secure.
The Vibe: Desire.
The Topic: Sex.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: I want you all to myself (Offering intimacy) vs. Let our bodies do the talking (Wanting sex).

The Bones - Maren Morris

The Experience: We built this right, so nothing's ever gonna move it... Feeling secure.
The Vibe: Peace.
The Topic: Lasting relationships.
The Value: Security.
The Tension: Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter. Let it rain (Times can be hard) vs. You and I remain the same when there ain't a crack in the foundation (Our relationship is secure because we put in the work to build it right).

Fear Inoculum - Tool

The Experience: Purge me and evacuate the venom and the fear that binds me... The power you discover when you break free from the lies.
The Vibe: Power.
The Topic: Evil.
The Value: Freedom.
The Tension: The deceiver he says you belong to me... fear the light (Evil did tempt me and bind me) vs. Bless this immunity (I'm free now).

boyfriend - Ariana Grande and Social House

The Experience: So complicated... afraid to commit, but so frustrated by the uncertainty in our relationship.
The Vibe: Frustration.
The Topic: Fear of commitment.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: I don't wanna be too much (Afraid of the commitment that the defining the relationship entails) vs. But I don't wanna miss your touch and I don't want you to see nobody (I want a relationship with you).

Takeaway - The Chainsmokers, ILLENIUM ft. Lennon Stella

The Experience: I'll break your heart so you don't break mine... you push people away because you're convinced they can't love you.
The Vibe: Sadness. Fear.
The Topic: Fear of rejection.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: I'm gonna leave you (Ending the relationship because love is too risky) vs. Before love you and before I'm someone you leave behind (This is turning into love).