Animals - Alex & Sierra

The Experience: Hiding away, turned into prey... Buying into a relationship that is less than human too often means being prey...

Toxic [Britney Spears Cover] - Alex & Sierra

The Experience: Don't you know you're toxic... And in real life, toxic kills...

True Disaster - Tove Lo

The Experience: I'm gonna get hurt. I'm gonna get hurt. Come on... When you're not sure if the relationship is worth it, but you're too tired to get out...

On Your Side - The Veronicas

The Experience: If we knew then what we do know, we'd hold our hands and take a bow. Together we would stand our ground and fight... It's so hard to read minds, even when they're standing at your side. So how are they supposed to prove that they're on your side?

All We Know - The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan

The Experience: Maybe we should let this go... When you're not sure if the relationship is worth it, but you're too tired to get out...

How Did You Love - Shinedown

The Experience: No one gets out alive... Death is the ultimate equalizer. What's left when everything you have is stripped away?

False Alarm - The Weeknd

The Experience: Dolla, dolla bill is her only type. You love her but you'll never be the one... She's attractive. She's beautiful. But she's not interested in love - she doesn't know what love is. So she'll always be alone...

Starboy - The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk

The Experience: House so empty need a centerpiece... Just a starboy... When you look your success in the eye and realize how empty it all is...

Atlantis - Bridgit Mendler ft. Kaiydo

The Experience: Our love sleeps with the fishes... he's a wreck buried deep in the sand... when the relationship is over is there ever a chance for a new beginning?

Starving - Hailee Steinfeld & Grey ft. Zedd

The Experience: I was so much younger yesterday... Every relationship changes how you feel and who you are...





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