Graveyard - Halsey

The Experience: When the hand you want to hold is a weapon and you're nothin' but skin... Trapped and vulnerable...
The Vibe: Melancholy.
The Topic: Toxic relationships. Harm. Liberation.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: I keep digging myself down deeper (I was spiraling further and further down into the darknessVS. Woulda followed (Something saved me from my own blindness).

Liar - Camila Cabello

The Experience: I said I won't get too close but I can't stop it... When change visits your love and that might just be a good thing...
The Vibe: Tension.
The Topic: Relationships. Commitment.
The Value: Love. Authenticity.
The Tension: I don't care, it's good as gone (I've made my choice and foregone happinessVS. But I can't stop it (But my feelings are trumping my "good" sense).

Die For Me - Post Malone ft. Future, Halsey

The Experience: Said you'd die for me... When love turns out to be a lie...
The Vibe: Accusatory. Bitter.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Hope. Forgiveness.
The Tension: You lied to me (Him: you betrayed me) VS. You lied to me (Her: you betrayed me).

tear myself apart - Tate McRae

The Experience: My summer rose is cut and thrown away... Heartbreak is worse when you're left alone...
The Vibe: Sadness.
The Topic: Heartbreak
The Value: Love.
The Tension: You make it look so easy you turn around and leave me (He doesn't value her, didn't value herVS. I tear myself apart (But she valued him... and now his indifference wounds her more deeply than the break-up ever could).

Cold - James Blunt

The Experience: Without you... without you I'm just cold... When love isn't a luxury...
The Vibe: Yearning. Melancholic but not despairing.
The Topic: Relationships
The Value: Love.
The Tension: I built a little boat with a sail (I'm trying and straining and workingVS. And I'll hold out for the wind to blow me, take me home the whole way, in your direction(But I need the wind - the help I can't summon or control - to succeed).

Wanted - OneRepublic

The Experience: I just want to be wanted... When you can't find meaning by yourself...
The Vibe: Compassion. Loneliness.
The Topic: Meaning
The Value: Loved.
The Tension: I know I sound dramatic (I'm not sure I have a right to ask to be lovedVS. But that's just how it feels (But I need to be loved).

Shameless - Camila Cabello

The Experience: I just wanna give in and I don't care if I'm forgiven... When innocence seems so much harder than sin...
The Vibe: Desire. Lust. Tension.
The Topic: Temptation
The Value: Innocence.
The Tension: Right now I'm shameless (I'm done fighting my urgesVS. I don't care if I'm forgiven (Giving in might deny the need for forgiveness but can't erase it completely).

all the good girls go to hell - Billie Eilish

The Experience: There's nothing left to save now... When your personal despair turns to hatred of everyone and everything...
The Vibe: Bitterness. Rancor.
The Topic: Despair.
The Value: Neediness.
The Tension: Look at you needing me (We need help, need forgiveness and redemptionVS. My God is gonna owe me (But I feel lonely and abandoned so I'll make him pay).

Circles - Post Malone

The Experience: Seasons change... If love can fail, can it be reborn?
The Vibe: Sadness.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Hope. Forgiveness.
The Tension: It's time to let go (I've failed and I don't deserve your love) VS. I'm waiting on you again (But I still hope for forgiveness).

Priest - Julia Michaels

The Experience: You broke my heart and now you want some redemption... but I'm not a priest so f-ck your confession... Not ready to forgive. Ever.
The Vibe: Dreamy... and bitter.
The Topic: Bitterness.
The Value: Forgiveness.
The Tension: Now you want some redemption (you say you're sorry) vs. It's obvious you ain't learned your lesson  (you don't deserve forgiveness).