Every Breaking Wave - U2

The Experience: U2 describe their youth throughout the album Songs Of Innocence. In the song Every Breaking Wave, they tackle living in a ceaselessly changing culture. The guitar loop adds a haunting touch, while Bono's vocals almost seem exhausted, tired of chasing every breaking wave.

Gold - Imagine Dragons

The Experience: Only at first did it have its appeal. But now that statues and empires are all at your hands, who can you trust? We think we'll finally feel satisfied, but you no longer feel when your heart's turned to gold...

The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) - U2

The Experience: The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) was the song that erupted onto iTunes worldwide, to tell us U2 was back, with new energy and a new style. The Miracle is the miracle not just of newfound strength and life, but of new meaning: "A song that made some sense out of this world!"

Raised By Wolves - U2

The Experience: Raised By Wolves shouts out U2's memories of the violent Ireland when they grew up, centering on the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan car-bombings that killed 33 civilians. Raised By Wolves also shouts out a response, trying to wake us up to who we should be. 

Jealous - Nick Jonas

Jealous by Nick Jonas on Grooveshark
by Minerva Carrillo

The Experience: 'Cause you’re too sexy, beautiful. And everybody wants a taste. That’s why I still get jealous.
Why do boys get jealous? What does he mean when he says you are his?

Miracles - Coldplay

The Experience: Why do we live and the others didn't? Making it through the war until the end...If I can take it I can make it. It could take a miracle. So do you think there's some kind of grand plan? Do you believe in miracles? 

I'm Not The Only One - Sam Smith

I'm Not The Only One by Sam Smith on Grooveshark
The Experience: You and me, we made a vow, for better or for worse. I can't believe you let me down... You tasted true love - you were special, cared for, cherished. But you never realized how much you needed that love, until they betrayed it, tore it up, and threw it into the gutter. And you with it...




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