Say So - Doja Cat

The Experience: Like it, love it, need it, bad,  take it, own it, steal it, fast... Obsessive seduction: the thrill of the hunt even when there's no love or even attraction in sight... 
The Vibe: Smug.
The Topic: Seduction.
The Value: Power.
The Tension:  I wouldn't f-ck him (Forget about a true relationship, I don't even want sex) VS. Take it, own it, steal it, fast (But I want the power trip of controlling his heart).

Boyfriend - Mabel

The Experience: Want a boyfriend but not too sweet... I want some fun without the hassle of having to care about the person I use...
The Vibe: Fatigue.
The Topic: Promiscuity.
The Value: Pleasure.
The Tension:  A man ain't something I need (Don't want to tie my happiness to anyone except myself) VS. Love me better (I've been left unsatisfied with every single man I've used and I keep trying).

Heartless - The Weeknd

The ExperienceIs there anyone? I can't find the way out of this hell alone...
The Vibe: Desperation.
The Topic: Despair.
The Value: Happiness.
The Tension: I don't do well when alone (I need love and help) VS. Tryna be a better man but I'm heartless never be a wedding plan for the heartless low life for life 'cause I'm heartless (I'm so broken I can't reach out for help).

the other girl - Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey

The Experience: Is it me, is it you? Tell me who Who's the other girl? Who's the first? Who's the fool? Insecurity. Am I enough? Or is someone else more loveable than I am...
The Vibe: Jealousy.
The Topic: Infidelity.
The Value: Love.
The Tension:  She can't love with this on her conscience (Can't cheat and truly love) VS. Who's the other girl (What if we're all doing the cheating?).

In Your Eyes - The Weeknd

The ExperienceIs there anyone? I can't find the way out of this hell alone...
The Vibe: Desperation.
The Topic: Despair.
The Value: Happiness.
The Tension: I look around and Sin City's cold and empty (There's no happiness here) VS. I'm blinded by the lights (I don't know where to go without someone to save me: I can't sleep until I feel your trust).

Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

The ExperienceIs there anyone? I can't find the way out of this hell alone...
The Vibe: Desperation.
The Topic: Despair.
The Value: Happiness.
The Tension: I look around and Sin City's cold and empty (There's no happiness here) VS. I'm blinded by the lights (I don't know where to go without someone to save me: I can't sleep until I feel your trust).

Anyone - Demi Lovato

The ExperienceIs there anyone? I can't share my burdens if there's no one there... and I can't carry them by myself...
The Vibe: Lonely.
The Topic: Loneliness.
The Value: Relationship.
The Tension: Nobody's listening (I'm abandoned) VS. I tried and tried and tried some more told secrets 'til my voice was sore (I need to be heard).

The Chains - Evanescence

The ExperienceIf you don't love me now you will never love me again... Final boarding call if you want to prove your loyalty...
The Vibe: Confidence.
The Topic: Loyalty.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: Down comes the night (Danger) VS. Never break the chain (Loyalty to the heroic end, bitter or not).

Rare - Selena Gomez

The ExperienceI know that I'm special... I have worth and I should be able to find someone who will cherish me...
The Vibe: Confidence and doubt.
The Topic: Self worth.
The Value: Intimacy.
The Tension: I'm special (Security) VS. It seems like you don't care (Insecurity)

You should be sad - Halsey

The Experience: There's some things I gotta say... Mere revenge can't redeem. Only the truth has any chance of changing someone's heart and mind.
The Vibe: Strength.
The Topic: Betrayal.
The Value: Authenticity.
The Tension: You're not half the man you think that you are (You're blind to the hurt you caused... and to the love you could have and should have givenVS. You should be sad (Total repentance is the only thing that could save you).

The Box - Roddy Ricch

The ExperienceI can back that... I achieved it all on my own.
The Vibe: Something to prove.
The Topic: Success.
The Value: Happiness.
The Tension: I can back that. (I am totally successful and totally secure.) VS. Insecurity: if you're so secure why do you feel the need to remind yourself and us over and over and over again?

I Hope - Gabby Barrett

The ExperienceI hope she cheats like you did on me... Deep down, do any of us actually want to forgive?
The Vibe: Spite.
The Topic: Revenge.
The Value: Fidelity.
The Tension: I hope she makes you smile the way you made me smile... (I loved you) VS. I hope she cheats like you did on me... (But now I want you to hurt like you made me hurt...).

Heartless - The Weeknd

The ExperienceLow life for life 'cause I'm heartless... I'll never be more than this, so I might as well stop trying.
The Vibe: Despair.
The Topic: Failure.
The Value: Happiness.
The Tension: Tryna be a better man (I dreamt of better for myself and others) VS. But I'm heartless... (But I should never have reached so high...).

Roxanne - Arizona Zervas

The ExperienceAll she wanna do is party all night... Never gonna love me but it's alright... She's out of control but he doesn't care. He got what he wants.
The Vibe: Content.
The Topic: Party life.
The Value: Pleasure.
The Tension: All she wanna do is party (No depth and no love) VS. It's alright... (But he doesn't want love, just fun).

Memories - Maroon 5

The ExperienceHere's to the ones... There are people who got us and get us through life. We're thankful.
The Vibe: Hope.
The Topic: Nostalgia. Loss. Sorrow.
The Value: Friendship. Gratitude.
The Tension: Everybody hurts sometimes everybody hurts someday (Sorrow has and will be part of our lives) VS. But everything gon' be alright go on raise a glass and say, ay Here's to the ones... (But the people in our lives are what get us through).

Push My Luck - The Chainsmokers

The Experience: Push my luck with you... Acknowledging the fact you hope for more sets you up for disappointment. But it also sets you up for happiness...
The Vibe: Hope. Yearning. Wonder.
The Topic: Romance.
The Value: Hope.
The Tension: Does another night feel alright to you? (Scared to ask commit and ask for commitment because you fear rejection) VS. Should I have known that you would take hold and never let go? (What you truly yearn for is everything and forever).

Follow God - Kanye West

The Experience: Boss up and change your life you can have it all... Your value doesn't depend on the last person to treat you wrong...
The Vibe: Struggle.
The Topic: Christianity.
The Value: Faith. Trust. Perseverance.
The Tension: Aah! (frustration when you fail) VS. Father I stretch stretch my hands to you (the trust in God's goodness that keeps you striving to be live Christ like).

Good As Hell - Lizzo

The Experience: Boss up and change your life you can have it all... Your value doesn't depend on the last person to treat you wrong...
The Vibe: Confidence.
The Topic: Relationships. Happiness.
The Value: Self worth.
The Tension: I know he did you wrong (unloved) VS. We can make it right (but not unworthy).

Lose You To Love Me - Selena Gomez

The Experience: I needed to hate you to love me... You were bad for me and I held on to you for far too long...
The Vibe: Decision. Confidence.
The Topic: Relationships. Happiness.
The Value: Integrity.
The Tension: Set fire to my purpose and I let it burn (Bad for me and I let it happen) VS. I needed to hate you to love me (I finally mustered the confidence to reject it).

Playing Games - Summer Walker

The Experience: Did I ever ask you to take me to go shopping in Paris or go sailing overseas and just drape me in Gucci? No. All I ever asked was... You wanted intimacy and all you got was stuff... and used...
The Vibe: Sad. Resigned.
The Topic: Relationships. Disappointment.
The Value: Intimacy.
The Tension: I know you say you hit my line, I'm on your mind and that you want this bad, so I'm cool with that (You offer love) VS. I'm just tryna match your words with your action (But you don't offer real love).

5:3666 - Machine Gun Kelly ft. phem

The Experience: It's 5:3666... My life is hell...
The Vibe: Despairing.
The Topic: Addiction. Drugs.
The Value: Happiness.
The Tension: I love my life (I want happiness) VS. Gonna run it in the ground (But the only happiness I can get right now is killing me).


The Experience: Hope I make it outta here... Addiction.
The Vibe: Despairing.
The Topic: Addiction. Drugs.
The Value: Freedom. Happiness.
The Tension: Everything I do is exciting (The high) VS. Hope I make it outta here (I'm trapped).

Intro - DaBaby

The Experience: How the f-ck I make it to the top same day I lost the n-gga that had me? ...that's f-cked up... Facing happiness and sorrow and trying to cope with both at the same time...
The Vibe: Musing.
The Topic: Suffering and happiness.
The Value: Family.
The Tension: Same time I got the news (Death and sorrow) VS. My sh-t hit number one (Success and happiness).

10,000 Hours - Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber

The Experience: To learn that sweet heart of yours... You want to know them more so you can love them better...
The Vibe: Awe. Marvel.
The Topic: Knowing and being known.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: If that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours (Love has a priceVS. If it's 10,000 hours or the rest of my life I'm gonna love you (I'll pay that price).

Panini - Lil Nas X

The Experience: Just say to me what you want from me... They say they're at your service, but their attitude says you're at theirs...
The Vibe: Smug.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Availability.
The Tension: Just say to me what you want from me (I'm at your service - you're at the center of this relationshipVS. I got fans (I'm the big dog you should feel lucky to have interested in you).

Don't Call Me Angel - Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey

The Experience: We in it together but don't call me angel... I might like you but I definitely don't need you...
The Vibe: Proud.
The Topic: Identity.
The Value: Self-sufficiency.
The Tension: I appreciate the way you want me (I'm happy to be perfectVS. But don't call me angel (But you're just an accessory - I don't actually need you).

homecoming queen? - Kelsea Ballerini

The Experience: Even the homecoming queen cries... Where does the pressure to be perfect come from?
The Vibe: Melancholy.
The Topic: Weakness. Imperfection.
The Value: Authenticity.
The Tension: Look d-mn good in the dress (You look good) VS. Zipping up the mess (But you're not doing good).

Hurts 2B Human - P!nk ft. Khalid

The Experience: Without you I'd be losing... I need you to be there for me... and you are.
The Vibe: Hurt. Hope.
The Topic: Friendship. Love. Family.
The Value: Connection.
The Tension: God, it hurts to be human (Life is a lot of pain) VS. But I've got you... and you've got me (But family, friendship and love make it bearable).

Take What You Want - Post Malone ft. Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott

The Experience: Take what you want and go... I'm too good to get revenge and too strong to put up with your abuse anymore...
The Vibe: Frustration. Rebellion.
The Topic: Toxic relationships.
The Value: Respect. Freedom.
The Tension: I never needed anything from you (I was selfless) VS. You bled me dry (You were a leech).

Master Of Puppets - Metallica

The Experience: Life of death becoming clearer... Substance abuse becomes addiction becomes death. Your most lucid moments are even worse because you surface just enough for it to hurt again...
The Vibe: Tension and despair.
The Topic: Drugs. Substance abuse. Addiction.
The Value: Freedom.
The Tension: Master you promised (I wanted freedom and happinessVS. Only lies (I found slavery and death).

Graveyard - Halsey

The Experience: When the hand you want to hold is a weapon and you're nothin' but skin... Trapped and vulnerable...
The Vibe: Melancholy.
The Topic: Toxic relationships. Harm. Liberation.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: I keep digging myself down deeper (I was spiraling further and further down into the darknessVS. Woulda followed (Something saved me from my own blindness).

Liar - Camila Cabello

The Experience: I said I won't get too close but I can't stop it... When change visits your love and that might just be a good thing...
The Vibe: Tension.
The Topic: Relationships. Commitment.
The Value: Love. Authenticity.
The Tension: I don't care, it's good as gone (I've made my choice and foregone happinessVS. But I can't stop it (But my feelings are trumping my "good" sense).

Die For Me - Post Malone ft. Future, Halsey

The Experience: Said you'd die for me... When love turns out to be a lie...
The Vibe: Accusatory. Bitter.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Hope. Forgiveness.
The Tension: You lied to me (Him: you betrayed me) VS. You lied to me (Her: you betrayed me).

tear myself apart - Tate McRae

The Experience: My summer rose is cut and thrown away... Heartbreak is worse when you're left alone...
The Vibe: Sadness.
The Topic: Heartbreak
The Value: Love.
The Tension: You make it look so easy you turn around and leave me (He doesn't value her, didn't value herVS. I tear myself apart (But she valued him... and now his indifference wounds her more deeply than the break-up ever could).

Cold - James Blunt

The Experience: Without you... without you I'm just cold... When love isn't a luxury...
The Vibe: Yearning. Melancholic but not despairing.
The Topic: Relationships
The Value: Love.
The Tension: I built a little boat with a sail (I'm trying and straining and workingVS. And I'll hold out for the wind to blow me, take me home the whole way, in your direction(But I need the wind - the help I can't summon or control - to succeed).

Wanted - OneRepublic

The Experience: I just want to be wanted... When you can't find meaning by yourself...
The Vibe: Compassion. Loneliness.
The Topic: Meaning
The Value: Loved.
The Tension: I know I sound dramatic (I'm not sure I have a right to ask to be lovedVS. But that's just how it feels (But I need to be loved).

Shameless - Camila Cabello

The Experience: I just wanna give in and I don't care if I'm forgiven... When innocence seems so much harder than sin...
The Vibe: Desire. Lust. Tension.
The Topic: Temptation
The Value: Innocence.
The Tension: Right now I'm shameless (I'm done fighting my urgesVS. I don't care if I'm forgiven (Giving in might deny the need for forgiveness but can't erase it completely).

all the good girls go to hell - Billie Eilish

The Experience: There's nothing left to save now... When your personal despair turns to hatred of everyone and everything...
The Vibe: Bitterness. Rancor.
The Topic: Despair.
The Value: Neediness.
The Tension: Look at you needing me (We need help, need forgiveness and redemptionVS. My God is gonna owe me (But I feel lonely and abandoned so I'll make him pay).

Circles - Post Malone

The Experience: Seasons change... If love can fail, can it be reborn?
The Vibe: Sadness.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Hope. Forgiveness.
The Tension: It's time to let go (I've failed and I don't deserve your love) VS. I'm waiting on you again (But I still hope for forgiveness).

Priest - Julia Michaels

The Experience: You broke my heart and now you want some redemption... but I'm not a priest so f-ck your confession... Not ready to forgive. Ever.
The Vibe: Dreamy... and bitter.
The Topic: Bitterness.
The Value: Forgiveness.
The Tension: Now you want some redemption (you say you're sorry) vs. It's obvious you ain't learned your lesson  (you don't deserve forgiveness).

Won't Be Late - Swae Lee ft. Drake

The Experience: You're giving me life... I need you.
The Vibe: Happy but still yearning.
The Topic: Love.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: Don't fight it (please say yes to me) vs. Won't be too late and saving my time for you and standing in line for you  (but I care about you enough to respect your decision and your pace).

The Good Ones - Gabby Barrett

The Experience: A love me like he should one... He doesn't just love me like I would like. He loves me like he actually should.
The Vibe: Content. Happy. Loved.
The Topic: Love.
The Value: Authentic love.
The Tension: Anybody can be good once (people can be good) vs. But he's good all the time (But we're supposed to be perfect).

Not 20 Anymore - Bebe Rexhha

The Experience: Why would we ever do somethin' instead of fallin' into the bed right now?... Sex.
The Vibe: Confidence.
The Topic: Coming of age.
The Value: Maturity.
The Tension: Agin' (Not young and "perfect" anymore.) vs. Like wine (Maturity is better than "perfection".)

Motivation - Normani

The Experience: Why would we ever do somethin' instead of fallin' into the bed right now?... Sex.
The Vibe: Empowerment.
The Topic: Sex.
The Value: Intimacy.
The Tension: No tension here. Motivation offers sex and gets sex. But is that satisfying enough to last you?

Heartless - Thomas Wesley ft. Morgan Wallen

The Experience: I know I'm gonna let you win again and when I do it's gonna hurt like hell... feeling used but unable to break fee.
The Vibe: Hurt.
The Topic: Unhealthy relationships.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: So heartless (She's using you not loving you) vs. You don't mean to that's what I tell myself (But you don't want to face the truth).

Identity Crisis - Emily Weisband

The Experience: Realizing I don't know who I am now... faking who you are until you don't know.
The Vibe: Nostalgia.
The Topic: Authenticity.
The Value: Identity.
The Tension: Driving myself mad to fit in that crowd (Pretending) vs. Waking up so empty with no way out (Wanting/needing to be authentic).