alone time - lovelytheband

The Experience: I know I probably should, probably should get up and get my life together... Wishing for better, but not wanting it enough...

make you feel pretty - lovelytheband

The Experience: Spending all my money just to make you feel pretty... Used, abused and finding it hard to smile...

these are my friends - lovelytheband

The Experience: They don't care who you are... Friends like that don't judge but they don't love, either...

No Place - Backstreet Boys

The Experience: No place like you... Loneliness can't make you happy. But in a world of loners, acknowledging that is very different from proclaiming that other people can...

Blue Tacoma - Russell Dickerson

The Experience: "Blue Tacoma California... always havin' your hand to hold...". It takes nothing more than the presence of the one we love to make our life worth while.

Take Me Home - Thomas Gold, Harrison & HIIO

The Experience: It is easy to judge people on merely superficial criteria, but every person has something beautiful within worth seeing and loving. Do I have the eyes to look deep enough in order to see it?

Thursday - Jess Glynne

The Experience: Do you find yourself trying to cultivate a certain image in order to be accepted by the people around you? "There are so many things that I could change so slightly, but why would I succumb to something so unlike me"?

God Only Knows - for King & Country

The Experience: Have you ever thought that there was nothing left to live for and simply wanted to end it? In God Only Knows, for King & Country takes us through the experience and reminds us that there is still hope even in the midst of the deepest darkness.