Intro - DaBaby

The Experience: How the f-ck I make it to the top same day I lost the n-gga that had me? ...that's f-cked up... Facing happiness and sorrow and trying to cope with both at the same time...
The Vibe: Musing.
The Topic: Suffering and happiness.
The Value: Family.
The Tension: Same time I got the news (Death and sorrow) VS. My sh-t hit number one (Success and happiness).

10,000 Hours - Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber

The Experience: To learn that sweet heart of yours... You want to know them more so you can love them better...
The Vibe: Awe. Marvel.
The Topic: Knowing and being known.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: If that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours (Love has a priceVS. If it's 10,000 hours or the rest of my life I'm gonna love you (I'll pay that price).

Panini - Lil Nas X

The Experience: Just say to me what you want from me... They say they're at your service, but their attitude says you're at theirs...
The Vibe: Smug.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Availability.
The Tension: Just say to me what you want from me (I'm at your service - you're at the center of this relationshipVS. I got fans (I'm the big dog you should feel lucky to have interested in you).

Don't Call Me Angel - Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey

The Experience: We in it together but don't call me angel... I might like you but I definitely don't need you...
The Vibe: Proud.
The Topic: Identity.
The Value: Self-sufficiency.
The Tension: I appreciate the way you want me (I'm happy to be perfectVS. But don't call me angel (But you're just an accessory - I don't actually need you).

homecoming queen? - Kelsea Ballerini

The Experience: Even the homecoming queen cries... Where does the pressure to be perfect come from?
The Vibe: Melancholy.
The Topic: Weakness. Imperfection.
The Value: Authenticity.
The Tension: Look d-mn good in the dress (You look good) VS. Zipping up the mess (But you're not doing good).

Hurts 2B Human - P!nk ft. Khalid

The Experience: Without you I'd be losing... I need you to be there for me... and you are.
The Vibe: Hurt. Hope.
The Topic: Friendship. Love. Family.
The Value: Connection.
The Tension: God, it hurts to be human (Life is a lot of pain) VS. But I've got you... and you've got me (But family, friendship and love make it bearable).

Take What You Want - Post Malone ft. Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott

The Experience: Take what you want and go... I'm too good to get revenge and too strong to put up with your abuse anymore...
The Vibe: Frustration. Rebellion.
The Topic: Toxic relationships.
The Value: Respect. Freedom.
The Tension: I never needed anything from you (I was selfless) VS. You bled me dry (You were a leech).

Master Of Puppets - Metallica

The Experience: Life of death becoming clearer... Substance abuse becomes addiction becomes death. Your most lucid moments are even worse because you surface just enough for it to hurt again...
The Vibe: Tension and despair.
The Topic: Drugs. Substance abuse. Addiction.
The Value: Freedom.
The Tension: Master you promised (I wanted freedom and happinessVS. Only lies (I found slavery and death).

Graveyard - Halsey

The Experience: When the hand you want to hold is a weapon and you're nothin' but skin... Trapped and vulnerable...
The Vibe: Melancholy.
The Topic: Toxic relationships. Harm. Liberation.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: I keep digging myself down deeper (I was spiraling further and further down into the darknessVS. Woulda followed (Something saved me from my own blindness).

Liar - Camila Cabello

The Experience: I said I won't get too close but I can't stop it... When change visits your love and that might just be a good thing...
The Vibe: Tension.
The Topic: Relationships. Commitment.
The Value: Love. Authenticity.
The Tension: I don't care, it's good as gone (I've made my choice and foregone happinessVS. But I can't stop it (But my feelings are trumping my "good" sense).

Die For Me - Post Malone ft. Future, Halsey

The Experience: Said you'd die for me... When love turns out to be a lie...
The Vibe: Accusatory. Bitter.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Hope. Forgiveness.
The Tension: You lied to me (Him: you betrayed me) VS. You lied to me (Her: you betrayed me).

tear myself apart - Tate McRae

The Experience: My summer rose is cut and thrown away... Heartbreak is worse when you're left alone...
The Vibe: Sadness.
The Topic: Heartbreak
The Value: Love.
The Tension: You make it look so easy you turn around and leave me (He doesn't value her, didn't value herVS. I tear myself apart (But she valued him... and now his indifference wounds her more deeply than the break-up ever could).

Cold - James Blunt

The Experience: Without you... without you I'm just cold... When love isn't a luxury...
The Vibe: Yearning. Melancholic but not despairing.
The Topic: Relationships
The Value: Love.
The Tension: I built a little boat with a sail (I'm trying and straining and workingVS. And I'll hold out for the wind to blow me, take me home the whole way, in your direction(But I need the wind - the help I can't summon or control - to succeed).

Wanted - OneRepublic

The Experience: I just want to be wanted... When you can't find meaning by yourself...
The Vibe: Compassion. Loneliness.
The Topic: Meaning
The Value: Loved.
The Tension: I know I sound dramatic (I'm not sure I have a right to ask to be lovedVS. But that's just how it feels (But I need to be loved).

Shameless - Camila Cabello

The Experience: I just wanna give in and I don't care if I'm forgiven... When innocence seems so much harder than sin...
The Vibe: Desire. Lust. Tension.
The Topic: Temptation
The Value: Innocence.
The Tension: Right now I'm shameless (I'm done fighting my urgesVS. I don't care if I'm forgiven (Giving in might deny the need for forgiveness but can't erase it completely).

all the good girls go to hell - Billie Eilish

The Experience: There's nothing left to save now... When your personal despair turns to hatred of everyone and everything...
The Vibe: Bitterness. Rancor.
The Topic: Despair.
The Value: Neediness.
The Tension: Look at you needing me (We need help, need forgiveness and redemptionVS. My God is gonna owe me (But I feel lonely and abandoned so I'll make him pay).

Circles - Post Malone

The Experience: Seasons change... If love can fail, can it be reborn?
The Vibe: Sadness.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Hope. Forgiveness.
The Tension: It's time to let go (I've failed and I don't deserve your love) VS. I'm waiting on you again (But I still hope for forgiveness).

Priest - Julia Michaels

The Experience: You broke my heart and now you want some redemption... but I'm not a priest so f-ck your confession... Not ready to forgive. Ever.
The Vibe: Dreamy... and bitter.
The Topic: Bitterness.
The Value: Forgiveness.
The Tension: Now you want some redemption (you say you're sorry) vs. It's obvious you ain't learned your lesson  (you don't deserve forgiveness).

Won't Be Late - Swae Lee ft. Drake

The Experience: You're giving me life... I need you.
The Vibe: Happy but still yearning.
The Topic: Love.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: Don't fight it (please say yes to me) vs. Won't be too late and saving my time for you and standing in line for you  (but I care about you enough to respect your decision and your pace).

The Good Ones - Gabby Barrett

The Experience: A love me like he should one... He doesn't just love me like I would like. He loves me like he actually should.
The Vibe: Content. Happy. Loved.
The Topic: Love.
The Value: Authentic love.
The Tension: Anybody can be good once (people can be good) vs. But he's good all the time (But we're supposed to be perfect).

Not 20 Anymore - Bebe Rexhha

The Experience: Why would we ever do somethin' instead of fallin' into the bed right now?... Sex.
The Vibe: Confidence.
The Topic: Coming of age.
The Value: Maturity.
The Tension: Agin' (Not young and "perfect" anymore.) vs. Like wine (Maturity is better than "perfection".)

Motivation - Normani

The Experience: Why would we ever do somethin' instead of fallin' into the bed right now?... Sex.
The Vibe: Empowerment.
The Topic: Sex.
The Value: Intimacy.
The Tension: No tension here. Motivation offers sex and gets sex. But is that satisfying enough to last you?

Heartless - Thomas Wesley ft. Morgan Wallen

The Experience: I know I'm gonna let you win again and when I do it's gonna hurt like hell... feeling used but unable to break fee.
The Vibe: Hurt.
The Topic: Unhealthy relationships.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: So heartless (She's using you not loving you) vs. You don't mean to that's what I tell myself (But you don't want to face the truth).

Identity Crisis - Emily Weisband

The Experience: Realizing I don't know who I am now... faking who you are until you don't know.
The Vibe: Nostalgia.
The Topic: Authenticity.
The Value: Identity.
The Tension: Driving myself mad to fit in that crowd (Pretending) vs. Waking up so empty with no way out (Wanting/needing to be authentic).

Naked - Emily Weisband

The Experience: Does she look better than me naked? I can control and fake everything except who I am underneath it all. Is that inner me lovable?
The Vibe: Sadness.
The Topic: Insecurity.
The Value: Self-worth.
The Tension: You loved and you were loved (love...we made it) vs. He left you for someone else and that leaves you feeling lacking (whatever was missing did you find it?).

Lover - Taylor Swift

The Experience: Can I go where you go? Love is only love if it's forever and everwhere.
The Vibe: Deep happiness.
The Topic: Love.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: You're my lover (We have happiness now) vs. Can we always be this close (Hope/fear: I want it to last forever).

contaminated - BANKS

The Experience: I don't wanna come to your party but I want the invitation... I'm torn between the darkness I can't tear myself away from and the light I desperately need.
The Vibe: Melancholy.
The Topic: Toxic relationships.
The Value: Loves.
The Tension: I wish I could change it (I care about you and us) vs. We're always gonna be contaminated (There is no way this relationship can heal from its toxic beginnings).

Pillowcase - Gabbie Hanna

The Experience: I don't wanna come to your party but I want the invitation... I'm torn between the darkness I can't tear myself away from and the light I desperately need.
The Vibe: A frantic heart-racing sense of danger.
The Topic: Depression.
The Value: Happiness.
The Tension: Really like the feel of being lonely (I keep to my personal prison) vs. But I'm desperate for attention (even though I'm crying out for help).

I Warned Myself - Charlie Puth

The Experience: I shoulda known....  Beaten down, betrayed, weak, and stupid... feeling like a failure.
The Vibe: A regret the oppressive heavy beat won't let you run away from.
The Topic: Temptation.
The Value: Fidelity.
The Tension: I warned myself that I shouldn't play with fire (I didn't - don't - want to take what I shouldn't) vs. But I can tell myself that I'll do it one more time (but I know just how weak I am).

Trampoline - SHAED

The Experience: Wait if I'm on fire how am I so deep in love? I just found love why does the dream have to end now?
The Vibe: Melancholy.
The Topic: Loss.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: When I dream of dying (losing everything) vs. I never feel so loved (right at the moment when I suddenly have something to lose).

All To Myself - Dan + Shay

The Experience: I want you all to myself... Feeling secure.
The Vibe: Desire.
The Topic: Sex.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: I want you all to myself (Offering intimacy) vs. Let our bodies do the talking (Wanting sex).

The Bones - Maren Morris

The Experience: We built this right, so nothing's ever gonna move it... Feeling secure.
The Vibe: Peace.
The Topic: Lasting relationships.
The Value: Security.
The Tension: Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter. Let it rain (Times can be hard) vs. You and I remain the same when there ain't a crack in the foundation (Our relationship is secure because we put in the work to build it right).

Fear Inoculum - Tool

The Experience: Purge me and evacuate the venom and the fear that binds me... The power you discover when you break free from the lies.
The Vibe: Power.
The Topic: Evil.
The Value: Freedom.
The Tension: The deceiver he says you belong to me... fear the light (Evil did tempt me and bind me) vs. Bless this immunity (I'm free now).

boyfriend - Ariana Grande and Social House

The Experience: So complicated... afraid to commit, but so frustrated by the uncertainty in our relationship.
The Vibe: Frustration.
The Topic: Fear of commitment.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: I don't wanna be too much (Afraid of the commitment that the defining the relationship entails) vs. But I don't wanna miss your touch and I don't want you to see nobody (I want a relationship with you).

Takeaway - The Chainsmokers, ILLENIUM ft. Lennon Stella

The Experience: I'll break your heart so you don't break mine... you push people away because you're convinced they can't love you.
The Vibe: Sadness. Fear.
The Topic: Fear of rejection.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: I'm gonna leave you (Ending the relationship because love is too risky) vs. Before love you and before I'm someone you leave behind (This is turning into love).

Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi

The Experience: Now the day bleeds into nightfall... when the people you love begin to die.
The Vibe: Sadness.
The Topic: Loss.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: It's never the same (Still in love with the wife I loved and lost) vs. I let my guard down and then you pulled the rug (But I'm hurt and angry and feel betrayed by your death).

Ready - Alessia Cara

The Experience: You're not ready for me... I dominate.
The Vibe: Lighthearted frustration.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Maturity.
The Tension: I won't be waiting for you to come around (I'm not betting on you to grow up fast enough) vs. I'll be around (But I still dream you'd be mature enough to be the one.

Ran$om - Lil Tecca

The Experience: Take they -ass for ransom... I dominate.
The Vibe: Lazy confidence.
The Topic: Success.
The Value: Power.
The Tension: I know that I'm gone. No tension here, just total dominance. but is that confidence actually realistic?

Leave Me Alone - NF

The Experience: Leave me alone... I want peace... from my problems and from the people who want to help me.
The Vibe: Desperation.
The Topic: Anxiety.
The Value: Identity.
The Tension: I can fell them weighin' on me every day I should let them go and watch them float away (my problems are crushing me) VS. But I'm scared if I do, then I'll be more afraid (I'm afraid there will be nothing of me left if I let go).

Rescue - Lauren Daigle

The Experience: I hear your SOS your SOS... You aren't alone. Aren't abandoned.
The Vibe: Hope. Loved.
The Topic: God.
The Value: Hope.
The Tension: In the middle of the darkest night... broken you're innocence stolen (You are very lost and alone.) VS. I will send out an army to find you... I will rescue you (God cares, and he is coming to save you.).

I Fell In Love With The Devil - Avril Lavigne

The Experience: I fell in love with the devil. And now I'm in trouble. Someone send me an Angel... They failed and there's not much else to say.
The Vibe: Despair. Struggle.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Salvation.
The Tension: I fell in love with the devil (I'm lost and trapped) VS. Take me to heaven (I still hurt for something so much better).

Goodbyes - Post Malone ft. Young Thug

The Experience: There's no way I could save you (save you) 'cause I need to be saved too. I'm no good at goodbyes... They failed and there's not much else to say.
The Vibe: Despair.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Repentance.
The Tension: She needs something to change (I've failed) VS. I'm no good at goodbyes (I don't even know how to set her free from me).

Truth Hurts - Lizzo

The Experience: Why're men great 'til they gotta be great... Relationships are more trouble than the little they're worth.
The Vibe: Disgust.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Independence.
The Tension: I got boy problems that's the human in me (I worry about relationships) VS. Then I solve 'em that's the goddess in me (I'm better off on my own).

Señorita - Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

The Experience: It felt like ooh-la-la-la... The thrill of someone noticing you for the first time, and letting that attention become much more.
The Vibe: Sultry.
The Topic: Infatuation.
The Value: Love.
The Tension: I should be running (this is going to complicate my life) VS. You keep me coming (I'm attracted to you).

Cross Me - Ed Sheeran ft. Chance the Rapper, PnB Rock

The Experience: If you cross her then you cross me. I protect her, not because I own her, but because I love her.
The Vibe: Confidence.
The Topic: True love.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: I'm me and I'm confident VS. I belong to someone else.

You Need To Calm Down - Taylor Swift

The Experience: You need to just stop. When it's easier to make fun of your detractors than to actually talk with them.
The Vibe: Complacency.
The Topic: Pride 2019 in particular, but any disagreement in general.
The Value: Self-expression.
The Tension: You have a right to your own opinion VS. Unless you disagree with me.

No Guidance - Chris Brown ft. Drake

The Experience: I'm tryna f-ck you baby. No illusions about what he wants.
The Vibe: Confidence.
The Topic: Seduction and sex.
The Value: Power.
The Tension: You have value - you got it VS. You're just something I want. "It" is nothing more than sex appeal.

Coldplay - Up&Up

The Experience: The herd's insecure, but They can't bring me down. I've got something more that can't be beaten. It's how we float, yeah. We ain't never coming down...

Call You Mine - The Chainsmokers, Bebe Rexha

The Experience: So I call you mine. Daring to claim a person as your own.
The Vibe: Nostalgia. Loss.
The Topic: Love. Doubt. 
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: I can commit to you forever VS. Can I? Will you stay with me? Will I stay with you?

Suge (Yea Yea) - Dababy

The Experience: I go where I want. Don't need you. Don't owe you anything.
The Vibe: Chill.
The Topic: Wealth. Sex. Power.
The Value: Success.
The Tension: Don't need anyone VS. Constantly comparing myself to everyone else.