Waiting For Love - Avicii ft. Martin Garrix


The Experience: Waiting For Love is Avicii's single, held out of the True Album, "waiting" for his upcoming album, Stories. Waiting For Love mixes Avicii''s and Martin Garrix's EDM, also mixing emptiness, hope and love...

Eyes Wide Open - Sabrina Carpenter

www.last.fmby Minerva Carrillo

The Experience: I keep my eyes, wide, open. Bless this ground, unbroken. I'm about to make my way. Heaven help me keep my faith. And my eyes, wide, open...
Life is a road we are called to take. Each one has a different path to take, treading unbroken ground and discovering all there is in store for us.

Anywhere But Here - Christina Aguilera

The Experience: I entered the darkness and claim my release... Christina Aguilera sings about the depths of pain and suffering when it's hard to find hope anywhere aside from Neverland...

One Man Can Change The World - Big Sean ft. Kanye West and John Legend

The Experience: What you know bout' wakin' up every day like you on a mission? And there are those who give all they've got to fulfill that mission. They're the ones that leave a mark. When you get it all just remember one thing: that one man could change the world... 

Bad Blood - Taylor Swift (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

The Experience: Taylor Swift and her army of assassine put together a new battle anthem about betrayal and revenge. Band-aids don't fix bullet holes... if you love like that ...now we got bad blood.

Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend

The Experience: Meghan Trainor and John Legend mix their powerfully different voices for a powerfully different song. More than just a mix of voices, Like I'm Gonna Lose You also mixes the different powers of loving and losing. The song is both happy and sad at the same time. 

Hold Back the River - James Bay

www.last.fmby Minerva Carrillo

The Experience: Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes
Hold back the river, so I can stop for a minute and be by your side...Lonely water, lonely water, won't you let us wander. Let us hold each other
Life is like a river current that just keeps on flowing. It´s hard to go back to the exact same spot...we have to live the present moment and always keep on moving.

Even God - Charlotte Church

The Experience: Even God can't change the past... what matters though is what we make of the future. When love goes wrong we have to be able to get up and carry on, building a new life on the foundations that remain or even upon new foundations if necessary.

Lovin' So Hard - Becky G

The Experience: Becky G reminds us that love ought to be an all comsuming and never ending passion for our other-half. Are you Lovin' So Hard?





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