Cross Me - Ed Sheeran ft. Chance the Rapper, PnB Rock

The Experience: If you cross her then you cross me. I protect her, not because I own her, but because I love her.
The Vibe: Confidence.
The Topic: True love.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: I'm me and I'm confident VS. I belong to someone else.

You Need To Calm Down - Taylor Swift

The Experience: You need to just stop. When it's easier to make fun of your detractors than to actually talk with them.
The Vibe: Complacency.
The Topic: Pride 2019 in particular, but any disagreement in general.
The Value: Self-expression.
The Tension: You have a right to your own opinion VS. Unless you disagree with me.

No Guidance - Chris Brown ft. Drake

The Experience: I'm tryna f-ck you baby. No illusions about what he wants.
The Vibe: Confidence.
The Topic: Seduction and sex.
The Value: Power.
The Tension: You have value - you got it VS. You're just something I want. "It" is nothing more than sex appeal.

Coldplay - Up&Up

The Experience: The herd's insecure, but They can't bring me down. I've got something more that can't be beaten. It's how we float, yeah. We ain't never coming down...

Call You Mine - The Chainsmokers, Bebe Rexha

The Experience: So I call you mine. Daring to claim a person as your own.
The Vibe: Nostalgia. Loss.
The Topic: Love. Doubt. 
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: I can commit to you forever VS. Can I? Will you stay with me? Will I stay with you?

Suge (Yea Yea) - Dababy

The Experience: I go where I want. Don't need you. Don't owe you anything.
The Vibe: Chill.
The Topic: Wealth. Sex. Power.
The Value: Success.
The Tension: Don't need anyone VS. Constantly comparing myself to everyone else.

Talk - Khalid

The Experience: Figure out where we're goin'. You can't take anything for granted when relationships are on the line.
The Vibe: Intense and yearning.
The Topic: Relationships.
The Value: Respect.
The Tension: I hope we both want the same thing VS. I'm not sure, and I need to make sure.

I Don't Care - Ed Sheeran ft. Justin Bieber

The Experience: Who wants to fit in anyway? Why be something you're not?
The Vibe: Intense and happy.
The Topic: Identity.
The Value: Be yourself.
The Tension: I don't care VS. I need someone - my baby - to understand.

If I Can't Have You - Shawn Mendes

The Experience: Is it wrong for me to not want half, I want all of you, all the strings attached... Love with no regrets and no what ifs...  

Crave - Madonna ft. Swae Lee

The Experience: Cravings... When they're the only thing that runs your life...