Blame - Calvin Harris ft. John Newman

The Experience: This ain't a feelin' I can keep... No one can carry around a life time's worth of guilt. The question is, how do you get rid of it?

Human Contact - Catey Shaw

The Experience: Ooh Ooh doesn't matter... How do you solve all the difficulties of your relationships? Is sex the most important aspect of your relationships?

Ghost - Ella Henderson

The Experience: With perfectly-timed mis-beats (warning bells) that will keep you longing for the full flow of the music, Ella will keep you listening to all her song Ghost... until the tune haunts you. 

Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark

The Experience: Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. I shake it off, I shake it off... Don't worry about being real - fakers - haters, or heartbreak. That sounds like a dream come true... almost.

Let Your Hair Down - MAGIC!

The Experience: Magic! unveil a song about appreciating women. The lyrics take away the stress of trying to keep up to peer pressure, social expectations of beauty, while the relaxed reggae beat brings the relaxing message home.

Animals - Maroon 5

The Experience: Maroon 5 unveil a song about wanting and getting a girl, "just like animals." The beat is catchy, the words could make for a disco hit, but make no mistake, this isn't a love song. This is just animal. 

Every Time - Broods

The Experience: Broods breaks free with a song about when it breaks my heart to realize you love someone who doesn't have enough heart to love you back

Bad News - Bastille

The Experience: Bastille bring us a song about suffering with a twisted, melancholic beat. It's a plea to friends "Don't turn your back on me... Just cause you don't know what to say." Don't abandon someone immersed in Bad News. 

Gasoline - Troye Sivan

The Experience: Troye Sivan called this his most 'personal' song on the TRXYE album. Gasoline deals with betraying love, apologizing, and wondering if I can really get better. 




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