Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran

The Experience: We all want to be famous, but Bloodstream reminds us what often is going behind the scenes in the seemingly perfect lives of the powerful and famous. This is how it ends, I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream...

The Night Is Still Young - Nicki Minaj

The Experience: How dare we sit quietly and watch the world pass us by... You can't waste any time. There's so much to do and so little time to do it in...

Making Today a Perfect Day - Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell (Frozen Fever)

by Minerva Carrillo

The Experience: Sometimes things just don´t go as we plan them. But that doesn´t mean they don´t turn out great...

A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes - Lily James (Cinderella)

www.last.fmby Minerva Carrillo

The ExperienceHave faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling thru. No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. We all have dreams that we cherish and would like them to come true. Dreaming is having great expectations for our lives.

Young Blood - Bea Miller

The Experience: Being an outcast is an all to common experience for many people. Instead of trying to fit in maybe its time to stand up for ourselves and let those who are worth it value us for who we are. Maybe its time to set the tone ourselves instead of living up to other's standards.

Open Your Eyes - Bea Miller

The Experience: We each know that there is power within us that is waiting to be released so that it can transform our world. What is the secret to unlocking this power?

Sacrifice - Zella Day

The Experience: In the battle to make a better world some must die in the trenches to win freedom for the rest. It takes courage to make this sacrifice and we need to know it will be worth it.

No Sleep to Dream - Zella Day

No Sleep to Dream by Zella Day on Grooveshark

The Experience: As we seek true love in life it is easy to feel like we are in the midst of a barren desert. In No Sleep to Dream Zella Day tells us about her pursuit of true love and reveals part of the secret to finding it.

Ghost Story - Coldplay

The Experience: Maybe I'm just a ghost. Every time I try to pull you close, you disappear. What's the point of feeling love for you, when you don't believe I'm here? Longing for love, but what's the point in loving if nobody cares?

Best Thing - SYKES

The Experience: Being alone is unthinkable. But that's where thousands of people live. They haven't chosen to hide -  they've just never found a friend. And too many people never do...

Seasons - Olly Murs

The Experience: I know that you don't trust me, but I'm better than the stories about me. Everybody messes up some days... He cheated on you, and now he's back. Sorry? Still loving? To be trusted? What does your heart say? What does your head say? How can you know?

Crystals - Of Mice And Men

The Experience: Nothing grows when it is dark... When you clam up and keep your problems to yourself, they only grow. The trouble is, good friends are hard to find, and harder to trust...

Holes in the Sky - M83 ft. HAIM (Insurgent)

www.last.fmby Minerva Carrillo

The Experience: I am a dreamer. We build the hope, we are believers. Somebody free me from my chains. I'm reaching closer...
Discovering the truth, what lies behind the walls, is what finally sets Tris and Four free.

Joan of Arc - Madonna
The Experience: This sometimes melancholy, sometimes feisty tune tells the painful story of the way that the mass media often treats celebrities like Madonna. Do I see only with these purely critical eyes or am I able to see even deeper to the unique and priceless person beneath?





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