Do It - Selena Gomez

by Minerva Carrillo

The Experience: If I had choice. If I had my way. Boy you know we'd do it every single day.
Is this song about having choices or about making the right choices?

Night Changes - One Direction

by John Klein 

The Experience: Life is a constant blur of so many changes all the time.  So many things we dream of are disappearing when [we] wake up. But there’s nothing to be afraid of, even when the night changes.

Paper Crown - Alec Benjamin

The ExperienceCause it’s the story of a queen who’s castle has fallen to the sea... She thought it was love, and now her kingdom's in flames. It's gone, and she wants to get out, but there’s no one to love you when you build your walls too high...

An Invitation - Lena Katina

The ExperienceI’ll show you what is behind that curtain, deepest darkest. Yes I promise You will be asking me for more than you can handles. A song about discovering who I am...or one night fling?

Weapon - Bastille vs. Angel Haze vs. F*U*G*Z vs. Braque

The Experience: Pulling Angel Haze, British F*U*G*Z and Braque into a single song, Bastille fuses a Weapon, a song about making your voice count in the sinking society all around us. "This is me, speaking up, and your voice is a weapon."

Bed of Lies - Nicki Minaj ft. Skylar Grey

The Experience: You had me caught in every web, that you weaved. But do you ever think of me, when you lie? You betrayed me. And you pretend it doesn't matter to you. But I know better. I was the first and the only girl you should have had... you can't sleep easy when your whole life is a lie...

All My Love - Ariana Grande ft Major Lazer

The Experience: All your love will make us ache... Why does love have to be hard? Why is it so demanding to love and keep loving? When hearts turn colder...

Something Big - Shawn Mendes

The Experience: Something's in the air, something's in the air. It's like that feeling when you're just about to kill it, take your last shot you know you're gonna hit it... The rush that accompanies leading others to success...

Girl Almighty - One Direction

by John Klein 

The Experience: I get down I get down I get down on my knees for you. There is something in our hearts that is made to be poured out in service to another.

Outside - Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding

The Experience: Fire's out, what do you want to be? When the novelty wears off, is there any reason to stay together? Does passion have to cool as time goes by? Is love more? And fidelity...




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