Daylight Music Video- Maroon 5 (fans text)

The Experience                    
Last week we reviewed Daylight - Maroon 5. One of the neat things about the music video were the fans who let their fears, frustration, worries and loves out of the box. Here's the text. Whether or not each of them is right or wrong, their sincerity is powerful. And listening to their experiences, you realize that we all have a lot more in common than we think.

Ask Yourself                    
Do your friends open up to you like these fans do in front of their webcams? Why or why not?

MUSIC VIDEO TEXT                                       

-What I really love...
-I love my family
-My friends ARE my family
-I love my dog
-I love my life
-I love honest people
-I love people who don’t judge you

-I really hate people complaining on Facebook
-Most of what I hate revolves around driving
-What we really hate is people who are really judgemental
-And mean to other people.
-Something I really hate is when people make other people feel like they’re not good enough.
-I hate when someone says to you that you can’t achieve something
-I hate talking about my feelings.
-I hate when people pretend they wanna hang out with me... and never making the effort to...
-I hate not having options or freedom
-I also hate cats

-I finally decided to tell my Mom a secret. I said, I’m gay.
Everybody should be who they wanna be.
She said, “I’m not crying because you’re gay. I’m crying because I know what people might do to you.”
-As long as I loved who I was, people started loving me.
-I know I love myself more than I did four years ago.
-No-one loves me
-A lot of my friends are married, getting married, having babies.
-I’m scared that I’m never gonna fall in love.
-I’m in love with this guy for a year now but I’m too scared to tell him.
-What I didn’t in a million years expect to do is fall in love.
-So there’s this boy...
-She doesn’t know... I love her.
-...I think he deserves another chance.
-I’m in love with a man that I know can and will never love me back.
-I love this guy.
-Him I’ll always love.
-Someone really broke my heart.

-Sign: Am I worth it?
-Sign: You’re beautiful the way you are. Don’t change yourself. Let the Music set you free!

-Four and a half years ago, my dad passed away. He... um... he committed suicide... He deserved to know that I loved him.
-I lost my mom when I was seven and my dad when I was 15.
-I cry every single night, because I miss I miss my dad so much. I miss my best friend.
-I thought to myself, I’ve lost everything... but it’s not. I’ve continued.
-A common theme with my family is... fighting, and we never really tell each other how much we mean to each other, and how much love we really have for each other.
-One of my biggest regrets in my entire life is spending more time with my boyfriend than I did with my sister while she was sick with cancer.
-We take so much for granted, and we never know when it’s gonna be gone.

-I’m going travelling for two years. Leaving everything I know and love behind.
-I thought I wasn’t going to be sad. I’m leaving home to go to college.
-I hate college.
-I don’t want to leave my home, my friends, my family. I’m scared
-People always see me strong, and someone to depend on.
-I’m not as strong as people think.
-I miss my parents. I miss my home.
-I decided to leave to discover what I’m meant to do in the world.
-I’m writing a book. I want to be a writer.
-I most want to be a photographer.
-I’m a future teacher. A motivator.
-My passion is helping others.
-That’s what I want to do.

-I was born with a skin condition called “hypohydrotic exdermouslasia.” It’s been hard like in school and everything. I’ve been picked on.
-Every day is really hard for me.
-I feel like one of those people that kill themselves.
-I don’t feel like I fit in anywhere.
-I haven’t always been confident, or even sure of myself.
-People kept calling me names.
-I really don’t know why...
-When I tell my blues to the people, they just look at me like ‘Oh my God, they’re crazy.’
-Well, f**k them.
-I do not care.
-These are tough times, but you’ll get through them, and you’ll be a stronger person for it.
-You bullies who have decided that they want to put me down and they want to put other people down. -You guys suck.
-I’m gonna stop bullying. Forever.
-Writing: just be yourself.
-I stood up for myself, and it worked. It worked really good.
-Writing: I have hated myself
-We were the biggest b**ches I’ve ever met in my whole life
-Writing: I’ve recovered
-You shouldn’t make fun of people. And I’ve no tolerance for it.
-That’s not the type of person I am. That’s not the type of person I think I am.
-This world deserves better.
-I believe in change.

-Writing: my best friend saved my life. My best friend let me save his life.
-Writing: 3... wishes. (1.) To meet my idols. Maroon 5. (2.) To go to space. (3.) For the world to be peaceful!
-Writing: someone appreciates you.
-Writing: I’m a Muslim... and I’m proud of it!

-When I get sad or lonely or I feel depressed, put some good music and come here to the beat!
-I have always loved music.
-Without music, I couldn’t live
-When I dance, I dream about Akon and I’m crazy.
-When I hear the music, I feel... happy.
-Well, all I have is music...
-If you don’t take your time and look around... you’re gonna miss something. There’s going to be something great.
-We have things to say. We just don’t know how to put it out there and get it in words.
-Sign: we are the same.
-If I find there was only one day left on earth... I would find every person I care about the most, and spend every last second on them.
-Thank you for letting me be heard.

-Let’s just bring music, positivity and love, so peace out!





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