Hospital - Lorde

The Experience: Friends wait for each other at the hospital - as we grow up, we get hurt, I wish we could always stay young.
The Meaning of Lorde's Hospital mixes Lorde's favorite themes: friends who stick around for each other, waiting for you to get well. This is not some glamour-TV world but our real-time ordinary world, a world so not picture-perfect we need ambulances and hospitals. And the real people (unlike the ones on TV) don't make a tragedy out of everything - they can be laughing in the ambulance. The other typical theme of Lorde is this: life goes on, we get older, we get new hurts and we need new hospitalizations - sings, the real fun was when we were young... Let's go back. We all wish we could. 

Ask Yourself: Which of your friends would really still think about you when you're sick at the Hospital? 


We were down in the hospital
Waiting for you to get well
In the ambulance you're laughing
The real fun was when we were young
Let's go back

Review by Simon Cleary

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