23 - Shakira

The Experience: You walked out of my life again. After 23 days without love, Shakira sings her need for it. You're the love of my life but you don't understand it... The song 23 brings us to feel the emptiness of the loveless. 
(Still waiting for the full song)

Music Video: Still waiting.

The Meaning of 23 is about 23 days without love - a fight with her partner Gerard Piqué is in the line 'you walked out of my life again.' Shakira needs to feel loved so badly she puts your favorite T-shirt on just to feel Piqué's there with her. You're the love of my life but you don't understand it... 
The inside meaning! Since the song was dedicated to Gerard Piqué, who plays as "number 3" in Barcellona, the song "23" could be "to-3", that is, "to-Gerard."

Ask Yourself: Do I realize how much my happiness depends on loving and being loved? 


Sitting in my bedroom tonight 
Thinking of how to change your mind 
Since you walked out my life again 
It’s been 23 days and I can’t stand it no more 
So I turn the light out and put 
Your favorite t-shirt on again 
Counting hours, counting lies 

3, 2, 1 and I smile 

Now you’re telling me I’m vain, vain, vain 
But you don’t feel my pain, pain, pain 
Facing life upon the shelf, shelf, shelf 
You’re the love of my life but you don’t understand it 
And walk away from me, I want you so bad

Review by Simon Cleary

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