Beyond The Veil - Lindsey Stirling

The Experience: Happiness. Sometimes it seems like a dream - beautiful but impossible. But sometimes it's also an exciting plan, something that you can carry out, step by step...

Music Video: Lindsey wakes up on the beach just as a little girl (her younger self?) dives into the breakers with her violin... and disappears. Lindsey follows the girl into the ocean depths, swimming through breathtaking - and always underwater - forests, ruins and canyons. There's a treasure chest... but the baubles inside float away. Finally, on the ocean floor, Lindsey catches up to the girl, takes her hand... and finds what they were looking for. Only to wake up, on the beach. But once again, she's not alone. Her violin is there, and so are a series of drawings in the sand.

The Meaning of Beyond The Veil: The song adds a haunting wistful note to the characteristic style that Lindsey Stirling herself defines as "energetic and uplifting". The music video has gone viral for the breathtaking beauty of the impossible shots. But there's a lot more than initially meets the eye. Clothes: in the underwater dream world Lindsey wears white, but in the real-world forest, she's wearing a black cloak over the white dress - either because she needs protection from the cold, or because in the real world there's evil and sadness mixed in with the good. Psychology: underwater, Lindsey passes through a forest, examines a rundown mansion, and swims between two statues - a man and a woman. The tree, house, man and woman are all archetypes very familiar to psychologists: all of them are related to childhood, the home, and personal identity. My take? Lindsey's music in the real-world forest is what's capable of bringing back to life the childhood dreams of happiness. That desire for happiness isn't just a dream - the underwater sequence. It's a real possibility - the plans Lindsey finds in the sand when she wakes up.

Ask Yourself: Have you given up on happiness? Are you settling on a watered down version of it?


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