They Don't Understand - Ariana Grande

The Experience: Ariana shyly released a snippet of her new single They Don't Understand. It's a surprise of vulnerability - people (parents, managers, or society) trying to "Tell me who I am." Ariana pushes back, "They don't understand." Who can she rely on? Only the full song will tell us the answer.

Music Video: Still waiting. 

The meaning of Ariana Grande's snippet They Don't Understand gives us the conflict between who I really am, who people want me to be, and who I reveal "the real me" to. Society, parents, friends all have expectations, all try to "tell me who I am." They  sometimes pressure me to live up to their expectations. "They don't understand... who I am." Do I fake it for them? Am I "the real me" only on my own? Everyone needs someone who really does understand.

Ask Yourself: Who really understands you?

[Come on, come on]
Sometimes I tell you that I'm down
They don't understand
They don't understand

Then they try to tell me who I am
They don't understand
They don't understand, no

You wanna perfect b-tch
I do believe it
Then you can't be looking it
Believe it

Tell me...