You Don't Really Know Me - Jessie J

The Experience: I say I'm not broken hearted, then I put my eye on my own... Life is hard when you have to smile for the cameras, and even hard when you have to pretend in front of your friends...

Music Video: Still waiting...

The Meaning of You Don't Really Know Me: Jessie J offers us a deep look at her first taste of fame, and the pressures that come with always having to be perfect, and rarely having someone who accepts the real you, the one with the defects and difficulties. That's true for celebrities. But it's also a real-life problem for everyone. When you're so bent on being perfect that you don't let anyone close enough to see the real you... you end up very lonely.

Ask Yourself: How many people know the real you?


The girl who always says yes
Wants to scream no
Takes over everyone's trust

It gnaws her own
The life in some other party
likes to stay home

I say I'm not broken hearted
Then I put my eye on my own
Playin' pretend
I shouldn't hide it

It isn't right, being the light
I'm crossing the line
dancing with fire
Well I'm not fine
Should I deny it?

'Cause I'm going crazy
When I'm not ok
I keep playing
like the tracks don't show my pain

'Cause even when I'm frownin'
I see my life is like a train
But I'm smilin' at you and I yeah
'Cause I'm not really bein' me
'Cause you don't really know me

Review by Benjamin O'Loughlin

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