Slow Acid - Calvin Harris

The ExperienceSlow acid, slow acid... That's what drugs and their fleeting mirage of power and happiness are. And that's what they do to you...

Music video: A silver painted girl heads back to the cardboard box she calls home, drinks her "acid", and robs a convenience store. She gets picked up off the street by a client, but drinks her "acid" again and kills him instead of having sex. The beat follows the surge of drugs through her system, building as she fondles the bottle, and climaxing as she robs and murders. It finally ebbs away altogether, leaving her a helpless - underscored by the fact that she's anorexic and almost totally naked - and powerless girl lying unconscious in the gutter.  

Meaning of Slow Acid: The almost lyricless song is a beat that, married tothe music video, gains a lot of meaning. Drugs - or whatever it is she's drinking - give the victim a fleeting sense of power, but that lively powerful beat doesn't last. The drug eats away at who she is until there's almost nothing left. When the music dies out, and the silver paint is gone, the heroine is nothing but a frail shell of a person.

Ask yourself: Are you being eaten away by something?


(melancholic humming)

Slow acid
Slow acid

by Benjamin O'Loughlin

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