Meltdown - Stromae

The ExperienceWe're all tryna be somebody else, but You can't hide your tears in wealth when your heart knows you hate yourself. You can only live so long in a world that's completely fake. The desire for more is too strong. We were made for more...

Music video: Still waiting. 

The Meaning of Meltdown: The message of the song is that of the Hunger Games: Critique of corrupt governent and a fake society that's all about image with nothing behind it: a costume party. But Catnis is struggling to figure out who she is in all of this, where she stands, who to trust, and who to love? One thing is sure, and that's that an opera of lies, cannot stand, and it's all going down in a meltdown.

Ask yourselfDo I live for an image that isn't real? Or do I live for what really matters? Am I authentic?


[Pusha T:]
Lorde meet King Push

[Pusha T:]
Life is like a costume party
Just cover the floors in Cavalli
Let's hide the hurt in a molly
We're all tryna be somebody else
You can't hide your tears in wealth
When your heart knows you hate yourself
It's all pain we felt
Just the way that the card's been dealt

[Refrain - Lorde:]
Velvet rope, let us pass
Drop an olive in your glass
Put it on, a disguise
It's an opera of lies
Everyone on the run
Fifty feet all on the gas
Take him out, take him out
Gonna take him out

[Pre-Hook - Lorde:]
We're the only theory they can't prove
And we don't have anything to lose

[Hook - Lorde:]
In my eyes, in my ears
Bring might
Love is only figured once in life
Tell the crowd, search the town
And we made it all meltdown
It's a full meltdown

Try to break her spirit so it shouldn't be surprisin'
We're here with no fear and gave her uprising
Gonna blend in with the bullies and the bureaucrats
Arrows pierce like lightning, choppers sound like thunder clap
Never will you stand, we gon' lay you down
Debonair and dapper kids comin' in to take the town
Try to restrain us, even though you trained us
We're better than you are, now we're gonna make you feed us


[Pusha T:]
We're all lookin' for status
Cristal sent over on gratis
Can't pretend we're not plastic
When these poker faces take practice
Who to trust? Who to love?
Who to run from? Who to hug?
Set fire to a government of thugs
Respect only comes from the money or your blood

We're out of sight, shadows of light
They're closing in and I know where we're goin'
But I don't know who I'll be

[Hook x2]

(I can hear, and see a ghost)
Was it meant to be?
(In my mind, I know)
Cause I can't see
(And if you keep acting up)
I can't see
(I'm your undertow)

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