Fly - Avril Lavigne

The Experience: Life is so much different when we approach it with a positive outlook.  Maybe the only thing different between a good day and a bad one, or a happy life and a sad one for that matter, is our attitude?

Music video: The special Olympics... 

The Meaning of Fly:  Deep inside we know that life has to have a meaning, a purpose because we find so much beauty around us... even at times in the midst of our sufferings.  Sure there are many difficulties and we, all of us, find ourselves confronting darkness and struggle at time but always if we push through in hope and keep a positive attitude things always get better!  There is always a bright side. (This song was written for handicap children and for the Special Olympics.  Think of their remarkable joy they show amidst their suffering!)  We must remember that after the night there is always a sunrise, after a storm there is always a calm.  If we take our eyes for a moment off the negative things around us we find so much good!  The more we focus on the good the more we can fly!   

Ask yourselfAm I an optimist of a pessimist?  Do I miss all the good all around me by focusing only on the bad?   Do I approach suffering with hope?


Rise Don’t Cry
It will all be decided by
You ohh Yeah

Rise don’t cry your fear will subside
You will realize oh
Your dreams will come true
The sun is still shining
The sky is still blue oh
The most beautiful
Thing is You Ohh

Just Fly
Fly through the sky
Like your whole life is
Just a dream you
Are living it oh oh ohh

Fly Fly like a bird
Throughout the world
Let your love be felt
And your feelings be heard!

Its all about you
Dreams do come true
You are beautiful
So beautiful
Baby Fly Ohhh!

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