Ladder Song - Lorde

The Experience: Listening to Ladder Song one can't help but experience the despair Lorde seeks to communicate before the challenges Katniss and companions are facing in Mockingjay Part 1.

Music video: Just the audio cover from Mockingjay Part 1 for now. Stay tuned for more...

The Meaning: No one knows where the ladder goes... right from the very first line of Ladder Song Lorde draws us into the despair we can easily feel before the unsurety of life in a world where we are tired of traitors always changing sides and in which at times we must kiss the feet of a charlatan for some imagined freedom. In the face of such a desperate situation we can react in two ways: welcome the new age covered in warrior paint or succumb to the voice of despair that tells us this whole life is hallucination.

Ask yourself: Before the tough moments of life which option will I choose?


No one knows where the ladder goes
You're gonna lose what you love the most
You're not alone in anything
You're not unique and dying
I feel estranged every now and then
Fall asleep reading science fiction
I wanna fly in your silver ship, but
My mamma hanging my sister, says
It's on now, the days are long now
The ups and the sun downs

In the twisting mind
If I gotta go first
I'll do it on my terms
I'm tired of traitors
Always changing sides
They were friends of mine

Don't hang around once the promise breaks
Or you'll be there when the next one's made
Kiss the feet of a charlatan
Some imagine freedom
All the rest is predictable
Try your hardest and melt the snow
Tie the knots to concentrate
Keep on pulling that rope will break

We'll welcome the new age
Covered in warrior paint
Lights from the jungle to the sky
See now a star burst
Looks just like a blood orange
Don't it just make you wanna cry
Precious friend of mine

Will I know when it's finally done
This whole life is hallucination
You're not alone in anything
You're not alone in trying to be

by Ryan Carlin

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