Ghost Town - Adam Lambert

The Experience: Adam Lambert gives listeners a somber new dance tune that asks a profound question: where am I going in this life? Can all I hope for is a heart like a ghost town?

Music video: Begins with Adam Lambert wandering through the ghost town of his dream that is really a reflection of his life. The loneliness of this town is something he can't stand and so he seeks to drown out the pain in the second stage of the video which filled with flashing lights, dance music, and provocative dancers. Yet none of this can take away his pain which is revelead to us by the dark colors of the scenes and their short duration. They aren't the answer to his pain, just the temporary distraction from the solitary darkness that consumes him at the end of the video.

The Meaning: In face of the end ...died last night in my dreams... we each have to ask ourselves the question of what comes next. Adam Lambert sings about how he has tried to follow the straight and narrow ...I tried to believe in God... but has been unable to find anyone to help him along this path ...but Hollywood sold out... so that in his dream he finds the gates of paradise are closed to him ...saw all of the saints lock up the gates... and he has to walk alone into the flames ...walked into the flames, called out your name, but there was no answer. As we awakes and reflects back on this experience he realizes that he is all alone heart is a ghost town... since no one in his life really cares about helping him reach the after life he is seeking I'm searching for trust... in a city of vampires... love is a satire.

Ask yourself: What am I living my life for? Are my friends helping me to get there?


Died last night in my dreams
Walking the streets
Of some old ghost town
I tried to believe
In God and James Dean
But Hollywood sold out

Saw all of the saints
Lock up the gates
I could not enter
Walked into the flames
Called out your name
But there was no answer

And now I know my heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town

Died last night in my dreams
All the machines
Had been disconnected
Time was thrown at the wind
And all of my friends
Had been disaffected

Now, I'm searching for trust
In a city of rust
A city of vampires
Tonight, Elvis is dead
And everyone's spread
And love is a satire

And now I know my heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town

There's no one left in the world
I'm gunslingin'
Don't give a fuck if I go
Down, down, down
I got a voice in my head that keeps singing
Oh, my heart is a ghost town

My heart is a ghost town
Oh, my heart is a ghost town
(Said, my heart)
My heart is a ghost town

My heart is a ghost town





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