Sail On - Asher Monroe

The Experience: The world's a wounded heart. It beats, beats, beats in my chest... Love hurts most when the person you love and need is gone for good...

Music video: He's sending messages from beyond, not knowing if they'll ever be read. She's alone, her daughter gone. He's alone, time passing by but never bringing change. They all suffer loss...

The Meaning of Sail On: A candle of hope to walk by in the dark of loss. In his own words, "This song is dedicated to anyone who has ever loved or lost anyone close to them. Cherish the one you love. Life is short. Don't live with regrets. Hold on close to the ones that are truly there for you!" We all want love to last forever. When death closes the door on that dream, Asher Monroe holds out hope - as I look up in the stars, I hope you see me, as I sail on brother you got my way. And peace - you shine upon me, candle in the dark, it brings peace, peace, peace. And healing -  you blessed me with the callin' to heal this world with all my pain. That hope, peace and healing is what keeps us sailin' on.

Ask yourself: Does love have to die with the people you love?


The world's a wounded heart.
It beats, beats, beats
In my chest when we're apart
You shine upon me
Candle in the dark
It brings peace, peace, peace
As I look up in the stars
I hope you see me
As I sail on brother
You got my way
I can hear you callin', callin' out my name
And oh how I have missed you
But I still found my way
You blessed me with the callin'
To heal this world with all my pain

Sailin' on, sailin' on
To see how far I've gone
Sailin' on, sailin' on
With all that I have done
Sailin' on, sailin' on
I am sailin' on
Sailin' on, sailin' on
I am sailin' on

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