Til it Happens to You - Lady Gaga

The Experience: There are things not everyone will understand. There are things we go through that damage and leave scars for life. But, even in those situations, there is always a helping hand and hope....

Music Video: This is a very powerful and moving video showing victims of sexual assaults in college. The scenes are full of tragedy as the girls are being forced and drugged in a brutal way. They are helpless when it comes to the attack and then they are left with a strong feeling of being worthless. This leads them to depression and a sad life. Until someone listens to them and helps them move on and find value in themselves again. Lady Gaga´s beautiful and strong voice do a great job in transmitting a convincing message. Note: the video contains graphic content.

Meaning of Til It Happens to You: I think the video itself is self-explanatory as to what the lyrics of this song are all about. But sexual abuse is not the only thing that can lead to depression and victimize young women. There are many other struggles they go through and are pretty much alone. This song is a call to stand up and help the ones that need it. Be there for our friends and, also, move forward if we find ourselves in a similar situation. We are never alone. Lady Gaga has destined the profits of this video go to associations that help victims of sexual assaults.

Ask yourself: How many times do I struggle with my own troubles without sharing them with anyone? Who can I trust in my life?


You tell me hold your head up
Hold your head up and be strong
Cause when you fall you gotta get up
You gotta get up and move on

Tell me how the hell could you talk,
How could you talk
Losing till you walk where I walk,
This is no joke

Till It happens to you, you don't know how it feels, how it feels
Until it happens to you, you won't know, it won't be real
No it won't real
I know how it feels

Till your world burns and crashes
Till you're at the end, the end of your rope
Till you're standing in my shoes
I don't wanna hear a thing or two from you, from you, from you

Till it happens to you
You don't know how I feel, how I feel, how I feel
Until it happens to you, you won't know, it won't be real
No it won't real
I know how it feels
Till it happens you
Happens to you
Happens to you
Happens to you
Happens to you
Till it happens you
You won't know how I feel

by Minerva Carrillo





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