Bloodline - Zella Day

The Experience: I'm in love with dreams, tortured by the screams... EA love story should be about roses and not about thorns. But too often you have to fight to the death for what you love. And that sacrifice, painful as it may be, is still a powerful love story...

Music video: Still waiting...

The Meaning of Bloodline: From the soundtrack of Diablo, Bloodline explores the tragedy of life gone wrong, of life become a bloodline from one death to the next. He deserves a full, perfect life. He shouldn't have to kill. But he does - the trigger of a gun is what my life's become. And he wonders if love is a disease. If he didn't love her, he could just move on. Life would be easy. But it wouldn't be life. Even if it the price is death - last breath in my lungs I can taste it on my tongue - love is worth it. He mans up and faces the trials - I'm not afraid to be chasing down the sun until the dark it comes - because she's worth it - you're the one I need when all is said and done.

Ask yourself: Are your loves big enough? Are they worth living, fighting and dying for?


What's a man to do?
When a woman takes his faith
And the evil of the world offers no escape
And the afterworld awaits

The trigger of a gun
Is what my life's become
And you may not believe that love is a disease
Until you've seen the things I've done

Bloodline woohooh
Bloodline woohooh
Across the river through the pine
Until your heart is mine

I'm in love with dreams
Tortured by the screams
Last breath in my lungs, I can taste it on my tongue
As the wild sparrow sings

Chasing down the sun
Until the dark it comes
I'm not afraid to be,cause you're the one I need
When all is said and done

Bloodline woohooh
Bloodline woohooh
Across the river through the pine
Until your heart is mine





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