I'll Still Have Me - CYN

The Experience: I believed in us last week... If you give a relationship your all will you have anything left when it ends...

Music video: Seniors speak of their romances, and then enter a retirement home ball accompanied by the love of their life. But while Cyn sings, an elderly woman copes with loss. Abandoned? Widowed? We don't know. But the peace with which she bears and even dances to her loss suggests that relationships leave us enriched, not impoverished. 

The Meaning of I'll Still Have Me: We just reached our end. The relationship is over. It didn't end badly - there's no reason to speak badly. But it wasn't forever. That's a problem because you gave it everything you had - I broke my back and I'd run in circles. They didn't - I thought you would too. And that leaves you with what? Memories? Not helpful - I got it bad when it's the morning and you're all that's on my mind. You're left with yourself - at least I'll still have me. But how much of you is still yours to keep after you've given it all away?

Ask yourself: If every human relationship ends, what's the point of giving yourself away?

Album: - (2018)


"We caught each others eye in Church. I saw him at a distance and I couldn't get my eyes off of him." "This Italian girl that I met in Milan, Italy, she was absolutely gorgeous." "I was sort of a late bloomer." "Well my memory is more of a failed love." "His name was Bruce and I just thought he was darling." "Love requires a commitment to meet the challenge of dealing with another human being."

I broke my back 'cause
I thought you would too
I'd run in circles
I thought you would too

Maybe in another life
Everything worked out alright
And things that made this harder passed us by
But there's no bad dream to wake up from
Now I got it bad when it's the morning
And you're all that's on my mind

If I don't have you
At least I'll still have me
And if I don't have you
At least I'll still have me

I never thought twice
'Cause you were my number one
I put you first 'cause
You were my only song

No more riding on the train
No more smoking in the alley
Now my secrets only stay with me
Everybody knows I'm upset
They don't even have to ask it
They know I believed in us last week

And if I don't have you
At least I'll still have me
And if I don't have you
At least I'll still have me

And there's no reason to speak badly
We just reached our end
I will see you in parts of me
If you are wise back then

If I don't have you
At least I'll still have me
And if I don't have you
At least I'll still have me, me, me

review by Benjamin O'Loughlin
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