Sail - Awolnation

The Experience: Maybe I should cry for help... Sail's staccato notes come as separated one from the other as my problems from any solution. Maybe I'm a different breed. No-one else can help me. Maybe I'm not listening. And if anyone could help, I wouldn't understand anyway - blame it on my ADD. All I do is just ignore it all, float by, and Sail...

The Video:
Aaron Bruno hides from an unearthly green ray. His spacesuit and helmet mean he might even know which alien force is hunting him. He leaves some message on a tape recorder before he's finally dragged up and away.  

My Take:
One way to sail by is ignoring my problems. But one day they'll find me and drag me away... The better way is hard at first, but plain sailing afterwards: to stop my own sick pride and start listening to myself, and to others (cry for help). To know myself and my problems (get past just a list of maybes), to accept myself, to better myself. That's the right way to sail.
Maybe this was the taped warning Aaron wanted to leave us before something (his ADD?) sailed him away.)  

Ask Yourself:
Do I know who I am, or do I just know "maybe"s? Do I just ignore my difficulties and just sail on? Or do I listen to myself/others? Can I find answers?


This is how I show my love.
I made it in my mind because
I blame it on my ADD baby.

This is how an angel cries
Blame it on my own sick pride
Blame it on my ADD baby

Sail! (5x)

Maybe I should cry for help
Maybe I should kill myself
Blame it on my ADD baby

Maybe I'm a different breed
Maybe I'm not listening
So blame it on my ADD baby
Sail! (5x)

Lalalalala Lalalalalaoooo
Lalalalala Lalalalalaoooo

Sail! (8x)

Review by Simon Cleary

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