Addicted To A Memory - Zedd (ft. Bahari)

The Experience: Love is possibly the most powerful drug and it can make us do almost anything, in fact it even helps us to stand strong when our relationships bring challenges.

Music video: Just the album artwork for now...

The Meaning: The true power of love shows itself in the harder moments of life. When we make mistakes and become in-love enemies it is precisely love that keeps us holding on to what we used to be. From there we need to have the humility to forgive, ask forgiveness, and begin again in order to get past the violent chemistry and continue working towards that one identity together.

Ask yourself: Do I have what it takes to hang in there when a relationship gets rough?


We are, we are a violent chemistry
Love has taken this as far as we can reach
But I can't leave
We are, we are, imagine ecstasy
Holding on to what we used to be
Addicted to a memory
Holding on to what we used to be
Addicted to a memory
Oh, memory

We are, we are in-love enemies
We are sentimental slaves on broken knees
We're on empty
We were, we were one identity
Now the trouble is remembering
Addicted to a memory

by Ryan Carlin

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