Smoke Break - Carrie Underwood

The Experience: When things get tough sometimes I need a smoke break... How long can you be the hero without admitting that even you need a break?

Music video: Carrie Underwood's tour goes bad when her truck breaks down - an image for the lives of the mom and the young entrepreneur featured in the video. They're both heroes. But they're only human. And Carrie Underwood's music at the local bar gives them the break they need to get back to being heroes the next day.

The Meaning of Smoke Break: Real life heroes can't hold out forever. Admitting that you aren't a machine, that you need a smoke break to get it back together before going back to the fight for your family or your future - that's not bad. It's just real. Admitting that you're only human is what will let you keep being that hero.

Ask yourself: You have big dreams. Do give yourself the down time you need to achieve them?


She's a small-town, hard-working woman just trying to make a living
Working three jobs, feeding four little mouths in a run-down kitchen
When you never taking nothing and doing nothing but giving
It's hard to be a good wife and a good mom and a good Christian

She said, "I don't drink"
"But sometimes I need a stiff drink"
"Sipping from a high, full glass"
"Let the world fade away"
She said, "I don't smoke"
"But sometimes I need a long drag"
"Yeah, I know it might sound bad"
"But sometimes I need a smoke break"

He's a big-city, hard-working man just trying to climb the ladder
First generation to go to college instead of driving a tractor
Never had nothing handed to him on a silver platter
It's hard to be a good man, good son, do something good that matters

He said, "I don't drink"
"But sometimes I wanna pop that top"
"Take a swig and make the world stop"
"And watch it fade away"
He said, "I don't smoke"
"But sometimes I wanna light it up"
"Yeah, when things get tough"
"Sometimes I need a smoke break, yeah"

So here's to you and here's to when the day gets long
Go ahead, I understand if you wanna take a load off

I don't drink
But sometimes I need a stiff drink
Sipping from a high, full glass
Let the world fade away
Yeah, and I don't smoke
But sometimes I need a long drag
Yeah, I know it might sound bad
But sometimes I need a, sometimes I need a

When the day gets long
When the work's all done
When the sun sets
When you need to forget
Grab that cup, 
Fill it up
Sip it slow
And let it all go

by Benjamin O'Loughlin

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