Through The Night [Part 2] - Roniit

The Experience: Fighting for our lives... so I can feel alive... Grief is dragging you down, but you won't go under without a fight. The question is how...

Music video: Part 2 sees Roniit wandering the frozen landscape of her broken heart, tracing the drips of her own blood on the bark of the trees she passes. She's tortured by the red hands of her grief But she goes back to drink that grief over and over... until she wakes up, takes back control of her life - the key - and throws her grief away for ever. It's still a part of her, but now it's a red cloak she wears instead of a red net that enslaves her.

The Meaning of Through The Night: In Roniit's own words, "Through the Night is a song about the second phase of grief - Denial. I was grieving for lost love at the time of writing it and wondering why I hadn't moved on. I started researching the grief process and realized I was still in denial. Still thinking I could go back - stuck on loop. As I started researching it and creating a world we imagined snow, ice, cold, dreams, hallucinations, and delusions and created the visuals before the lyrics were even done. The result was a cohesive audio/visual project between myself, Trivecta, and Director Everett Lee-Sung that feels more real than anything I've ever done in the past." Grief is addictive. You go back to your wounds over and over, because you're afraid to let go of them. You're afraid to let go, afraid that you'll betray the memory of those you loved. Afraid to become more than your past, more than your hurt. But you can.

Ask yourself: Are you still trapped in your grief? Do you want the courage to let it go?


I don’t ever wanna wake up 
If you runaway 
Don’t wanna let you fade out 
We’ve never been so far apart 
And I’ve been waiting here forever 
So I can feel alive 

We’re falling out of time 
Searching through the night 
We’re breaking through the light 
Fighting for our lives 

Waiting for the perfect time to disappear 
Every time I close my I see you here 
And I’ve been waiting here forever 
So I can feel alive

by Benjamin O'Loughlin

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