Brooding - Mike Shinoda

The Experience: You revisit the hurt over and over... and come back weaker every time...

Music video: A black clad man ponders a stormy sea. There's no sky to offer hope. Just a even stormier mirror of the waves themselves. As the music escalates he strides down to the shore and immerses himself over and over, thrown about by the waves. As the song winds down he escapes the pull of the tide and crawls back up the beach. But he doesn't escape unscathed: his coat is gone. Every return to his hurt leaves him weaker and less defended.

The Meaning of Brooding: Shinoda released Post Traumatic (first as an EP and then as a full album) to share his struggles with Chester Bennington's death on June 20, 2017. Brooding's power comes in part from the fact that there are no lyrics; the song relies only on the visceral strength of the notes and rhythm. The music itself begins with soft pervasive disquiet, peaks to stressful turmoil, and returns to the same nagging notes: brooding revisits the wound without any healing.

Ask yourself: How do you heal the pain of loss? You need to... but do you want to? 

Album: Post Traumatic (2018)



review by Benjamin O'Loughlin


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