Won't Be Late - Swae Lee ft. Drake

The Experience: You're giving me life... I need you.
The Vibe: Happy but still yearning.
The Topic: Love.
The Value: Commitment.
The Tension: Don't fight it (please say yes to me) vs. Won't be too late and saving my time for you and standing in line for you  (but I care about you enough to respect your decision and your pace).

Music video: NASA Saturn V launch, satellite dock, and capsule recovery footage. It's a metaphor for a complicated, impressive, and ultimately successful something.

The Meaning of Won't Be Late: Take 1: the song is about a relationship. You're committed to it - standing in line for you standing here for I don't know how long girl. I think you agree: words we spoke things you wrote let me know that you want me too. I'll wait for you. I respect you and you can take as long as you need to figure it out - won't be late. No delay is too much for my patience. The lyric video's final words seem to support this relationship-based interpretation. But then there's Take 2: the song is more about consensual sex right now than about a long-term relationship: Drake's vocals end with ikebe and basaki (both Nigerian slang for -ss) and wassy (wild). 

Ask yourself: True love leaves you a choice? Do they?

Album: - 2019


[Swae Lee]

Oh oh
Those long long long nights
It's been a long long long
It's been a long long long long

Tell 'em again, tell 'em off
It just dawned on me, this right feels wrong
No, no wingman, that's only my A game
At this game, two can play
Kill your vibe, they don't have the right
Baby, don't fight it, you're givin' me life
Take your time, set the mood right
Settle down, skeptical at first but now I'm not

Won't be late, won't delay
Won't be late, won't delay


Yeah, yeah, saving my time for you
Suddenly I freed up
Freezin' my times with you
When I'm lonely I can bring them up
Closed off my line for you
I'm better when I'm just on my own, girl
Standing in line for you
Standing here for I don't know how long, girl
Things I wrote, lengths I go
Let you know that I want you
Words we spoke, things you wrote
Let me know that you want me too

Yeah, ikebe
Pressin' on me heavy
Pressin' up against me real close
Bakasi, moving on me wassy
Time is moving real slow

[Swae Lee]
Won't be late, won't delay
Won't be late, won't delay
Won't be late, won't delay
Won't be late, won't delay

[Lyric video: Remember 2 love someone today :) it's never too late]

review by Benjamin O'Loughlin


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